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MadAmster posted in our forum his opinions on the upcoming match, Villa away to The Rams.

Rams fan in peace. I was wondering what you Villans (my nephew is one) were thinking of your chances at the weekend. It seems the general theme is not optimistic.

Derby are still very much “work in progress” and both the team and the staff are likely to improve over the season as the staff learn more and the players get more sued to what is expected of them.

There is the odd slip that should give any half decent team some hope but the current crop seem to have the biggest never say die attitude known to football. We went down at Old Trafford to Manchester United and won the tie. Also went down twice at Stamford Bridge to own goals yet equalised twice from open play. No other team has scored twice from open play there this season.

The last 5 games have been against 3 teams that were top going into that round of matches (2 wins and a draw incl a 1-4 win at the Baggies), Chelsea whose 3rd goal came via a blunder from the officials, we deserved at least a draw and what was the Division’s form team, 4 wins on the bounce and 11 unbeaten but I assume you were all happy we stopped their little run last week….. after going down 0-1.

I expect a tighter game against the Villa than against your “2nd city rivals”

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