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Billionaires don’t tend to be patient. Neither do football clubs burdened by the egotism that comes with a well-stocked trophy cabinet. Aston Villa haven’t added to theirs in over 20 years and yet an aura still hangs around Villa Park, a sense that this club should never have dropped out of the Premier League. It is this restlessness, shared by wealthy businessmen hungry to make a name for themselves, that explains how Villa have managed to burn through two sugar daddies in the last decade – and are onto their third.

But it’s difficult to know exactly what Villa’s latest owners are up to. Hurried attempts to bring Thierry Henry to Birmingham, first in August and again this week, suggested more of the same: get-rich-quick management in which owners are lured in by the glamour of big names, hoping to swell the club’s reputation by osmosis. But then the appointment

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