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Newell’s Old Boys aren’t going through a great period and that’s led to talk in Argentina about Marcelo Bielsa returning to the club.

The Leeds United manager’s brother has again been speaking to the media and was asked about the chances of a return.

Rafael Bielsa, who used to be Argentina’s Minister of Foreign Relations, made the situation clear and said he wants to make sure Newell’s fans aren’t led to believe a return is possible in the summer… because it’s very much not.

Speaking to La Capital, Rafael explained: “Marcelo cannot go back to Newell’s because he has a contractual problem. I made the contract. If he does not go up to the Premier League, Leeds have the option to keep him. Taking into account the campaign that he’s fulfilling it’s difficult to not keep him. And if he goes up, it is mandatory for both parties to stay. In the contract he signed there is no escape clause that Marcelo put during the time when he was running Espanyol, and appeared the possibility of going to the Argentine team.”

Rafael wants to make sure that no resentment is built up should Bielsa not return in Newell’s hour of need: “I would say, especially not to embitter the life of Marcelo himself, to whom everything that happens with Newell’s hurts a lot, and not to generate unfounded expectations, Bielsa cannot come back for a legal issue. To come back he would be breaking a contract and my brother

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