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All football fans are well aware of the financial might of the Premier League.

As one of the richest sporting competitions in the world, the 20 top flight sides know they will pocket eye-watering sums wherever they finish in the table, as they cash in on the league popularity both in this country and on foreign soil.

As another Premier League campaign comes to an end, the top flight bean counters have now revealed just how the big pot of cash – almost £2.5billion – has been dished out.

And for clubs like Leeds United, who dream of returning to the big leagues, these figures are a sobering reminder of just how rigged the competition can be, as they will see the relegated trio of Swansea, Stoke and West Brom bank a huge amount of money before dropping down into the Championship.

But just how much? And how big is the gap getting between the top two divisions in English football?

Stoke’s time in the Premier League has come to an end

Here are the numbers you need to know…

How Premier League prize money worked out

Each side earns £1,931,268 per place in the final table, then a minimum of £12,312,666 for live TV games. If a club is shown more than 10 times then they will get a further £1,129,879 per addition game broadcast, plus equal shares from domestic TV rights (£34,812,588 per team), overseas TV rights (£40,771,108 per side) and from the central commercial pot, such as sponsor rights (£4,838,892 for each team).

What the title winners earned

That means champions Manchester City will pocket £149,438,654 for their title-winning season, but are second in the earning stakes, behind their cross-city rivals United, who have taken home £149,767,145 on account of having been shown twice more on TV this season.

What the relegated sides earned West Brom are down.. but Jake Livermore and company are still quids in

While those eye-watering amounts will merely see the rich get richer, the clubs at the bottom of the table can still boast of having

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