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A midweek trip to title chasing, big spending Middlesbrough was always going to be a tall order, but I honestly thought we could get something from this game. It’s games like these, having been universally written off before a ball is kicked, where we end up surprising a few and defying the odds. Last night, however, was certainly not one of those occasions and the manner of the defeat was the most disappointing part. It was a poor display, let’s not pretend otherwise. Middlesbrough were ordinary, they beat us and our good start to the season has long since gone.

I’m struggling after that display, but here are my five things from the game:

1. We concede more often than not

As the Bolton team sheet came out last night, every man and his dog knew the thinking behind it. Stay resilient, pack the defence, pack the midfield, make it difficult for them to break us down and hope we get a chance to nick it at the other end.

Ok I understand the reasoning, we’re away from home and playing a team at the top of the table, but sitting so deep, inviting constant pressure, it is only going to end in one thing and that’s conceding goals.

Over the last 5 games we have conceded 9 goals playing a ‘defence first’ strategy if we’re honest. Now, I know we conceded from an individual error (i’m not counting the 95th minute goal at the end) but that’s my point,

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