The team spirit and morale of his Chesterfield team is not in question, according to Martin Allen.

The Spireites boss cites the 12-game unbeaten run they were on before Saturday’s FA Cup defeat, and a point-saving tackle in a recent away game as evidence.

“When a team goes 12 games unbeaten and you play down at Eastleigh and have a left-back make a saving tackle on the goalline with five minutes to go, when it looked like their centre forward was going to knock the ball in and you see nine of you players are hugging each other at the end of the game, for what was a brilliant tackle by (Jerome) Binnom-Williams,” he said, when asked what he had seen from his men in terms of team spirit.

“When you’ve got that spirit, unity and effort being put in by your players, that’s not in question.”

He believes home fans responded to that team spirit in Sunday’s FA cup defeat, when the 12-game unbeaten run ended.

Chesterfield are without a home win since 11th August.

But he’s confident they’ll get the same backing on Saturday when second placed Salford visit.

“The spirit to block crosses and shots, the spirit and the attitude of the players on Sunday in a nervy game, for the first hour, every supporter was right behind our team.

“They put in a hard working, committed performance.

“If they run themselves into the ground and sweat blood, I know every Chesterfield supporter will fully back

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