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Dele Alli is training again, is he ready to play?

Still we need to wait tomorrow to assess him, to see if he’ll be part of the squad. Today was a recovery day for everyone and it’s difficult to judge today if he’s ready or not to play. Tomorrow we’ll see if he’s ready or not to be part, if it’s possible for him to help or maybe if we need to wait a few days more to involved him in the competition.

In a losing run, are you tempted to take more risks if he’s not 100 per cent?

No, we’re never going to put ourselves or our interests in front, taking risks with a player. It’s impossible. After four years you know very well we’re never going to put a player at risk because we win. We need to win and the most important thing is all the players who are going to be on the pitch, we need to feel they’re 100 per cent. Of course football, it’s a sport where you always assume risk, but not consciously. If you’re conscious you are going to take a risk, it’s impossible for us to take a decision and then something wrong happens when you knew it was a massive risk.”

First time you’ve had three defeats in a row here. What have you said to the players?

I think we were happy because the performance was good. Until 85 minutes I think the team played so well and

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