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After two months of stringing everybody along — in part a measure of personal “revenge” against Conte, as described in Matt Law’s “inside story of Conte’s downfall” — Chelsea have decided to complicate things further by sacking Conte without apparently paying him the due compensation that was agreed in the contract signed last summer. And it’s not just Conte the club have stiffed on the payout, but the rest of the staff who were fired alongside him as well — the only survivors are Carlo Cudicini, and perhaps fitness coach Paolo Bertelli and goalkeeping coach Gianluca Spinelli.

Chelsea announcement over Conte sacking delayed with Italian ‘disgusted’ and lawyers haggling over pay-off. Eddie Newton to take training tomorrow with Sarri deal close #CFC

— Matt Law (@Matt_Law_DT) July 12, 2018

After two months of trying to do this for free by hoping that Conte takes a new job, it’s perhaps the logical conclusion to Chelsea’s intentions. A cheap move, literally and figuratively, which is now set to extend the end-game of the Conte era into further negotiations and possibly the courts as well. As if this whole situation weren’t shambolic enough, we’ve now felt the need to drag it through the courts as well.

While Law’s report is a bit vague on the details of this potential legal fight — Conte’s disgust is not basis for any sort of legal battle — Italian sources, such as Gianluca Di Marzio reveal that Chelsea are claiming “just cause” for

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