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Plus: playing for England and England C, bumper reserve-fixture crowds and more late transfers changes of heart

“If Lucas Hernández was born a year and a half later, his age would be lower than his shirt number (21). Have any World Cup winners achieved this?” muses Edward Gibson.

Squad numbers were introduced in 1954, and since then we’ve had three World Cup winners who’ve been younger than their squad numbers, advises Mark van Dijk: In 1970, Brazil’s Emerson Leão was 20 years old and wore No 22. In 1994 Brazil’s Ronaldo was 17 and wore No 20; and in 2002 Brazil’s Kaká was 20 and wore No 23. Also worthy of note are Brazil’s Zé Maria and France’s David Trezeguet who, in 1970 and 1998 respectively, wore their age on the back of their shirt; 21 in the case of Zé Maria and 20 in the case of Trezeguet.

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