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SCOTTISH football is waiting with interest to see what Brendan Rodgers does next for his next trick. This is because for the first time the Celtic manager, domestically, might have to produce a rabbit from his hat just to stand still.

Two-and-a-half years have gone by since Celtic welcomed Rodgers as their manager in a style in

which Donald Trump might have thought was over the top. However, Rodgers has at least delivered on his promises.

Seven trophies out of seven is a

decent record for anyone. But at

Celtic Football Club it is always about what happens next, and woe betide the man in charge if the team are not quite as brilliant as before and lose a game.

Celtic are the best team in Scotland and are still favourites to win the league. And it could be three trebles in a row.

But they are not as good as they were. The football at times has been average with points and standards dropped, which is seen by some as a crisis.

It is Rodgers’ job to handle this crisis and steer the club through

relatively troubled waters.

“I don’t get too up or down with the noise and the words,” he says. “If you listen to everything that’s said, you suffer emotionally. I’ve got

experience in the game now to

understand that it’s about winning games.

“When you win games, you get the plaudits. Sometimes, even when you win, you don’t get the plaudits. But you have to win.

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