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I know what you are worried about after last night’s Scotland performance, “He’s going to throw James Forrest in now.”  My feeling on the matter is that James, Callum and Kieran all need to ‘work on their fitness’ a bit.

Since managing Scotland for a few months in 2007, a period that included a 0-1 win in Paris, Alex McLeish has been found out in five subsequent appointments, ending ignominiously in North Africa.  He has the look of what he is, a man earning enough to make good on a tax bill that recently came his way, and nothing else.  Nice gig if you can get it.  He also selects players who are banned for life from the national team.

Scotland have the players to beat the 94th team in the world but were not sufficiently competent to fix up a manager who already lives in the country but manages in Belfast, or conduct an adequate search for an alternative.

The result of this, is that fans stopped caring, as do many players, by the look of it.  I don’t know a single person who was upset last night, the Scotland international football fascination is over.  The once great endeavour of football as a self-contained unit in Scotland is over, everybody knows it.  Send our players back to Lennoxtown as soon as possible, please.

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