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Seriously, how could Rangers score three times in Moscow of all places, hit the post and create half a dozen good chances – plus they were denied a goal – and still lose a game of football?

This was a night when too many players failed to do the basis. The defending was atrocious. No other word for it. Well there is but they’re too sweary.

The back four were all over the place and those in front of them hardly helped.

Allan McGregor lost four goals and was his side’s best player. It was an extraordinary night in the Russian capital and it must have put years on Steven Gerrard.

The manager made mistakes as well but he is entitled to think a fairly experienced defence could do simple stuff like win headers, block crosses and not dive into tackles.

Rangers are still in this group but for them to score three goals away from in Europe, take the lead three times and not even win a point is, quite frankly, unacceptable.

Buy, anyway, do you want an omen if you are into that kind of thing?

The last time Rangers went ahead three times in a European game and lost was in the 1971/72 season when they went down 4-3 in Portugal to Sporting Lisbon.

They got through in extra-time on away goals and went on to win the Cup-Winners’ Cup.

How on earth did that happen?

In all the games this club have played in European football,

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