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Rangers are the latest club in Scotland to offer free sanitary products for female fans who visit at Ibrox.

The initiative, which will enable supporters to collect tampons and sanitary pads from the stadium, has already been rolled out at a host of grounds in Scotland.

As part of the On The Ball campaign, these products will be available for anyone in need at the stadium.

75 | @RangersFC are On The Ball with free period products for fans!

Well Done @HendrieChloe , @JMartinResearch + @kayleighh__10 on all your hard work to make products free and accessible at Ibrox. Absolutely fantastic news

— On The Ball (@OnTheBaw) March 13, 2019

This means female fans who’re ever caught short at games will be able to gain access to these essential items. It also helps relieve the financial burden of these items for fans and challenge “period poverty”.

This is the latest in a range of inclusive moves by the club which should be commended by supporters.

Rangers have embraced the CAFE Week of Action for disabled fans, highlighting some of the amazing initiatives they undertake to help everyone enjoy the club. These have ranged from “touch tours” and “ramble tags” to the outstanding football memories programme.

Ibrox will be the latest stadium to offer free sanitary products to football fans. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The club also recently became the first in Scotland to offer Modern Apprenticeships to female players.

This will allow our female

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