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Rangers fans thought they’d seen the back of the chaos days but they are back with a bang in the aftermath of Sunday’s hammering.

Graeme Murty is a busted flush, Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace have been binned for a bust-up with the caretaker boss, and angry fans are aiming their ire at chairman Dave King.

It’s a heck of a mess and the Hotline went to town.

Andy Adams, Kirkcaldy , said: “If Miller and Wallace overstepped the mark they’ve only got themselves to blame. It’s about time Rangers got back to what they used to be, no man is bigger than the club.”

There was sympathy for Graeme Murty on the Hotline But Dave King copped plenty of flak (Image: Getty) Read More

Mark Watson, Glasgow , said: “Graeme Murty didn’t help himself with his tactics but he is not the man to blame at Rangers. Dave King is the real culprit. You never hear a peep from him unless he’s asking fans for money for season tickets. He’s the one responsible for the mess at Rangers.”

Anne Mack, Weymess , said: “I feel sorry for Murty. If I was him I’d tell Rangers to stick their job. He’s been hung out to dry. King is the one to blame.”

Trevor McDonald, Ballymena , said: “Sunday’s defeat was a dagger through the heart. It proves we need investment and signing of players instead of loans.

“The players – bar Greg Docherty – did not stand up for Graeme Murty, which I am disgusted with. I would have been grateful to have Marvin Andrews at centre half on Sunday.

“It breaks my heart and it’s a pity the players hadn’t the same guts as the 49,000 fans at Ibrox each week.”

Tommy Daniels, Ibrox , said: “I’ve been watching Rangers since the days of Tully Craig, Dougie Gray and Jerry Dawson and Sunday was the worst I have ever seen.

“Willie Henderson said recently it would take £50m to catch Celtic and he’s spot on. We need a new manager but what is he going to do with no money? Jose Mourinho couldn’t get that lot playing.”

“Jose Mourinho couldn’t get that lot playing.” Ouch Read More

Andrew Lamb, Fraserburgh , said: “Rangers fans are being unrealistic. They have spent huge sums just to get where they

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