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It pays to have a plan in place, and it could be said the the Colorado Rapids are working with a plan. Results continue to show that it isn’t a very good one.

The Rapids are a bad soccer team. They are bad on the field and they are almost equally as bad off of it. The team sits second-to-last in the West with four wins in 18 games to go with a -10 goal differential.

The play on the field has been hard to watch for a variety of reasons. But what’s even harder to watch is the way the club has executed a “vision”, one that has little to no chance of succeeding in the modern MLS.

Let’s get it out of the way: the Rapids will never be an LAFC or a New York City FC or an Atlanta United. They don’t have the glamour or the clout. They also don’t have the money or the connections or the resources, and that’s fine. For as big as parity is in MLS, the league is quickly becoming a league of wealthy elite. Still, it’s possible to compete with the wealthy elite if you have a bonafide plan.

Sporting KC has built a system and a training ground to match. FC Dallas relies on up-and-coming Homegrowns to supplement South American stars. The Columbus Crew have overcome some major losses by committing to a system while rewarding

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